About the Australian Heritage Places Inventory

The Australian Heritage Places Inventory contains summary information about places listed in State, Territory and Commonwealth Heritage Registers and Lists. The information is updated regularly.

This Australian Heritage Places Inventory includes:

1. A search page for searches by database number, place name, street address, town, and local government area. Key word searches are also available for the statements of significance and the descriptions. Users may also limit their searches to a particular state or database.

2. A results page. The search returns a list of places including place name, address, local government area and the name of the parent database. A link from this page will take the use to the 'metadata' information.

3. A 'metadata' or full summary information page. The metadata includes all summary information posted by the originating database. This includes the unique database number, the place name, the location and the Local Government Area. It may also include a statement of significance and a description of the place where these exist and a URL.

4. Link to the Parent database - either the individual record, the State database search page or general home page.

Heritage Registers

The Commonwealth and all states and territories have statutory heritage registers and lists. Information from these sources is used to maintain the Australian Heritage Places Inventory. If you wish to search a specific State or Territory please click on the links below.

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Contributing Heritage Registers

The Commonwealth and all states and territories have statutory heritage Registers and Lists. Information from these sources is used to maintain the Australian Heritage Inventory. For information about the government bodies who maintain these lists see the Department of the Environment Heritage web page and links from that page.

South Australian Heritage Register - Inventory data updated fortnightly

The South Australian Heritage Register is a list of places of heritage significance to the State. The Register lists the full range of South Australian heritage places within one database, including World Heritage, Australian Government listings, State Heritage Places, State Heritage Areas, local heritage places.

At present the data South Australia provides to the AHPI includes only State Heritage Places (ie those protected under the Heritage Places Act 1993), State Heritage Areas  and Local Heritage Places protected under the Development Act 1993. The World, National and Commonwealth Heritage data is supplied to the AHPI by the Australian Government.

State Heritage Places

To be entered in the Register as a State Heritage Place, a place must satisfy one or more of the criteria in Section 16 of the Heritage Places Act 1993. The decision to enter a State Heritage Place in the Register is made by the South Australian Heritage Council, a seven to nine member body established under the provisions of the Act. Advice to the Council is provided by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) Heritage Branch, which maintains the Register on the Council's behalf.

State Heritage Places comprise confirmed places and provisionally entered places (ie. places which are awaiting confirmation). Occasionally provisionally entered places are removed rather than confirmed. As at   15 December 2010 there were 2219 confirmed State Heritage Places entered in the Register.

The AHPI includes only limited information on State Heritage Places extracted from the South Australian Heritage Database. The features which create the heritage significance of a place should be ascertained from the staff of the Heritage Branch.

It is not possible to link directly to the individual records in the South Australian Heritage Database. The link in the AHPI is to the SA Heritage Register page of the DENR Heritage website.

The South Australian Heritage Register is maintained on a computerised database and is available for public inspection at the Heritage Branch, 1 Richmond Rd, Keswick, during normal office hours. All enquiries should be directed to the Register Clerks. Lists of relevant State Heritage Places have been supplied to all local councils and revised lists are distributed to relevant councils whenever new State Heritage Places are entered in the Register. General information relating to the administration of State heritage legislation is also available on the Internet at http://www.heritage.sa.gov.au. The Heritage Branch, Department of Environment and Natural Resources, GPO Box 1047, Adelaide 5001, tel: 61 8 8124 4960, FAX 61 8 8124 4980.

Local Heritage Places

Registering places of local heritage value and the creation of Historic (Conservation) Zones and Historic Policy Areas is not a responsibility of the SA Heritage Council. Those tasks are managed by local councils and the Department of Planning and Local Government under the provisions of the Development Act 1993 and the Regulations made under that Act.

The Development Act 1993 enables local councils to identify and list places of local heritage value in Development Plans. A local heritage place is described within the Development Act as "a place that is designated as a place of local heritage value by a Development Plan." Amendments to the Development Plan must be supported by appropriate investigations, generally containing the findings of a heritage survey, and places must meet at least one of the criteria in section 23(4) of the Development Act.

The Department of Planning and Local Government maintains a consolidated database of local heritage places listed in Development Plans, and the data released to the AHPI is drawn directly from it. The policies affecting those places can be found in each Council’s Development Plan. Copies of those Plans are available on the Planning in South Australia website. More general background information about Development Plans can be found via the Development Plans tab on the home page http://www.planning.sa.gov.au/.

Detailed information about the SA data in the AHPI

National Heritage List, Commonwealth Heritage List and World Heritage List information

Search for a National Heritage, Commonwealth Heritage or World Heritage List property at http://www.environment.gov.au/heritage/index.html

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