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Pine Creek Railway Precinct

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Identifier: 95
Location: Lot 271(A), Town of Pine Creek.
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State: NT
Country: Australia
Statement of
Pine Creek Railway Precinct was the initial terminus of an uncompleted 19th Century trans-continental railway system. Its contribution to the development of the mining boom in the late 19th Century was profound, enabling companies to transport machinery and equipment with greater ease to the mine fields than had been possible previously. It was also a catalyst for the opening of new mines in the area. Its contribution to the development of Pine Creek and other towns along its route was also important. Pine Creek maintained its importance after the railway was extended to Katherine and during World War 2 when it became one of the four dispersal bases on the North Australian Railway. The area has high architectural and historical associations and remains a key feature in the township's heritage and streetscape. The Miners Park is important in that it provides a visible link between the railway and the mining industry which it contributed so much to. Its significance also lies in the fact that it provides a place where mining machinery and technology from mines which are no longer operational or exist can be maintained to assist in the interpretation of the area's mining history.
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Report produced : 3/8/2015
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