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Wishart Siding Precinct

Source: Go to the Register of the National Estate for more information.
Identifier: 17317
Location: Stuart Hwy, Humpty Doo
Litchfield Municipality
State: NT
Country: Australia
Statement of
The buildings are significant for their association with the building and maintenance of the north Australia railway from Pine Creek to Katherine. The site is the only remaining example of a Fettler's Camp/Accommodation of the former North Australia Railway. Building 1 is also significant for its architectural response to the tropical climate: large eave overhangs, skirted awnings, flywired ventilation openings and corrugated iron stove recess. Buildings 2 and 3 and the outbuildings, although having little architectural value, are important elements in maintaining the scale of the precinct and demonstrate the way of life in the camps along the line.
Description: The precinct comprises three houses and their outbuildings. They were built to accommodate track maintenance workers on the North Australia Railway from Pine Creek to Katherine. The area was named Wishart Sidings after the engineer who was contracted to build the Darwin Railway Jetty. Building 1, the most prominent and the oldest building in the precinct was built in 1915 and modified sometime between 1946 and 1949. The building is of corrugated iron cladding and sawn timber frame on a concrete slab. It has a corrugated iron stove recess at one end and has large eave overhangs. Buildings 2 and 3 were constructed c 1946-49. They are virtually identical in size but with slightly differing layouts. These buildings are of timber framework with asbestos cement sheeting, constructed on a concrete floor slab. Associated outbuildings of exposed stud frame on concrete slab clad with corrugated iron provide toilet washroom and laundry facilities to serve the cottages.

Report produced : 30/7/2015
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