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Chinese Cemetery and Oven

Source: Go to the Register of the National Estate for more information.
Identifier: 468
Location: Clarkes Creek Rd, Windeyer
Mid-Western Regional
State: NSW
Country: Australia
Statement of
A number of graves and a roasting pit, which have important historical associations with the Chinese who came to New South Wales in the mid nineteenth century gold rush. (Criteria H.1 and A.4)

The sites have considerable rarity and are distinctive examples of their type. (Criterion B.2)

They are important for their archaeological potential. (Criterion C.2)
Description: Consists of two portions one of 4,047 square metres, previously the Chinese Cemetery, and the second being of 2,023 square metres, previously Amoy Chinese Cemetery.
The site contains a grave with headstone, a ceremonial roasting pit and the marked site of a Chinese Temple. There are also piles of stones, possibly old graves.

Report produced : 4/8/2015
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