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Dwelling (former 'Amphi Cosma') built and designed by WC Torode

Source: Go to the SA State Heritage Register for more information.
Identifier: 10725
Location: 305 Young Street WAYVILLE 5034
State: SA
Country: Australia
Statement of
This house was built by the noted Adelaide builder Walter C. Torode for his own use in 1914. It is of particular interest because of its unique design and construction, a noteworthy feature being a central reinforced concrete pillar and a series of radiating beams. This method of construction was used to combat subsidence and cracking, which were likely given the nature of the soil. The central octagonal roof has been altered slightly.

Though of little evident historical importance, except for its identification with Torode, this dwelling is of great architectural significance because of its unique design and method of construction. Torode was one of Adelaide's most innovative builders, as demonstrated in this home. It features unusual design and construction methods which attempt to combat a particular problem. The building is also an early example of the use of reinforced concrete. (City of Unley Heritage Survey 1985 Re-Assessment)
Description: Not Available

Report produced : 29/7/2015
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