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Christ Church and Cemetery

Source: Go to the Tasmanian Heritage Register for more information.
Identifier: 5174
Location: Wellington Street, Longford
Northern Midlands
State: TAS
Country: Australia
Statement of
Christ Church is of historic heritage signficance as the cemetery contains the vaults of prominent local people including the Archer, Brumby and Reiby families. Christ Church is of historic cultural heritage significance because of its association with the general community as a religious and townscape landmark. Christ Church is of historic heritage significance because of its ability to demonstrate the principal characteristics of a sandstone Old Colonial Gothick Picturesque church building.
Description: It is a sandstone church with buttresses and lancet windows set in recessed panels. The eastern end has a large lancet window with tracery. There is a square tower with gabled roof. The old Sunday School has gabled roofs, lancet windows and simple pilasters. The lych-gate is a steeply pitched gabled roof set on a timber frame, on a stone base. A large cemetery is attached.

ARCHITECTURAL STYLE:- Old Colonial Gothick Picturesque


Report produced : 3/8/2015
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