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Convict Coal Mines - Ruins

Source: Go to the Tasmanian Heritage Register for more information.
Identifier: 5618
Location: RA 181 Coal Mine Road, Saltwater River
State: TAS
Country: Australia
Statement of
The Coal Mines Ruins are of historic heritage significance as a remnant from a rare process associated with the convict period, it therefore demonstrates a rare aspect of Tasmanias heritage.

This site is of historic heritage significance because its landscape associations are regarded as important to the communitys sense of place. These ruins are part of the Saltwater River Convict Coal Mines.

They therefore have the potential to contribute to a greater understanding of Tasmanias history.

Description: The ruins on this site are, the underground cells, the mine shaft, two prisoners barracks, a chapel and bakehouse. All the buildings, except for the bakehouse which was brick, were of ashlar sandstone construction. The prisoners barracks (closest to Norfolk Bay) was two storeys in height, the other buildings were single storey. The chapel has intricate stone carving above the main doorway.

ARCHITECTURAL STYLE:- Old Colonial Georgian


Report produced : 2/8/2015
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