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Port Arthur Historic Site

Source: Go to the Tasmanian Heritage Register for more information.
Identifier: 6
Location: , Tasman
State: TAS
Country: Australia
Statement of
Port Arthur Historic Site is of great historic cultural heritage value to Tasmania and Australia for its ability to demonstrate the convict period from 1830 to 1877 and its ability to demonstrate the subsequent developments of the site, particularly as a tourist attraction and the attempts to down play the sites convict history. Port Arthur Historic Site is one of only three convict settlements in Tasmania. It is a rare and endangered place. The site has the ability to demonstrate a high degree of technical and creative achievement for the time, including industrial enterprises such as ship-building, saw-milling and brick making. The site has particular associations with Governor Arthur and political prisoner Smith OmBrien. Port Arthur Historic Site, as the most famous convict site in Australia, has a strong and special meaning for the Tasmanian as well as the Australian community as a place of secondary punishment in the convict system. The place also has a special meaning to Tasmanians for its association with the 1996 mass killing by Martin Bryant. Port Arthur is a prime example of the British colonial penal system, the evolution of that system during the 19th century, and the effects of that system in shaping Australian society. Port Arthur Historic Site has considerable potential for scientific and social research to contribute to the understanding of Tasmanians history.
Description: Port Arthur was the largest convict settlement of secondary punishment in Colonial Tasmania, established to replace Macquarie Harbour. It is located south of Hobart at Safety Cove on the Tasman Peninsula. The site consists of various buildings, ruins and subsurface deposits all of considerable heritage value. The place now is a focal point for tourism in Tasmania attracting local, interstate and overseas visitors. The site is those geographic areas defined in the Port Arthur Historic Site Management Authority Act, 1987, and the plans contained in schedule 1, section 3 of that Act. Namely, Mason Cove portions.(Part 1) Point Puer portions. (Part 2) Garden Point portion. (Part 3) The water supply dam site. (Part 4)

ARCHITECTURAL STYLE:- Old Colonial Georgian, Old Colonial Regency and various others


Report produced : 30/7/2015
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